The Company

CLC Space provides engineering and consultancy services to the Space Industry. We specialise in space system and ground segment engineering. CLC Space is a privately owned independent company founded in 1997 and is based in Alsbach, Germany

What we do

CLC Space offers technical, engineering, scientific and administrative consultancy support for multifaceted roles within the Space Industry.

We specialise in providing consultancy support for space projects covering Phase A through to Phase E. Our experience gained over many years, covers projects and missions involving all parts of the ground segment and system engineering. We have in-depth expert knowledge of ground segment design for both geo-stationary and low earth orbit missions. We employ a team of competent, highly trained engineers whose vast experience and interest in all phases of the development and operation of ground segments will ensure the optimal path for the initialisation, implementation and finalisation of your project.

CLC Space have a number of associated consultants and advisors that can supply additional expertise to our clients should it be required.

CLC Space has been awarded a 4-year frame contract to provide EUMETSAT with on-site engineering and scientific consultancy services for Sentinel-3 routine operations.

CLC Space is listed as a preferred supplier by EUMETSAT

CLC Space is recognised and listed as an SME by the European Space Agency ESA.

CLC Space was awarded a contract for supplying ground segment and system engineering services to Navisat, Egypt

Missions and projects we have been involved in to date include Cluster, Teamsat. Meteosat Second Generation, METOP-EPS, Galileo, Meteosat Third Generation and Sentinel-3.

Be Part of The Team

CLC Space provides consultancy support opportunities for technical, engineering, scientific and administrative professionals within the Space Industry.

As an employee of CLC Space we promise you interesting challenges working in an international environment, an excellent salary package and 30 days annual leave.

Check out our list of current vacancies. If currently, there are no vacancies that match your skill set, then send us your CV and we will contact you as future opportunities become available

Open Vacancies

Title Start Date Application Deadline
Junior Data Processing IVV Engineer 01/01/2017 31/10/2016
Junior Monitor & Control IVV Engineer 01/01/2017 31/10/2016
System Operations Engineer (Mission Performance Team) 01/12/2016 01/11/2016
Services Upgrade Engineer- Long Term Archive and Users Services 01/02/2017 01/11/2016
Copernicus Operations DM CM Engineer 15/12/2016 02/11/2016
EPS-SG System End to End M&C Engineer 01/01/2017 02/11/2016
Jason-CS End-to-End Instrument Chains Performance Engineer 01/11/2016 02/11/2016
System and Ground Stations Operations Preparation Engineer 01/12/2016 03/11/2016
Copernicus CSM Software Librarian 01/12/2016 04/11/2016
Meteorological Product Software Engineer 01/01/2017 07/11/2016
EPS-SG System Engineer 01/01/2017 08/11/2016
Ground Stations System Engineer - 2 positions 12/02/2017 09/11/2016
Senior Graphic Designer 15/03/2017 14/11/2016
Dissemination Operations Engineer 01/12/2016 15/11/2016
Scientific Documentation Writer 01/01/2017 16/11/2016
Copernicus Climate Change Service C3S - Reprocessing Engineer - 2 Positions 01/01/2017 18/11/2016
Atmospheric Sounding Engineer - Copernicus Climate Change Service C3S 01/01/2017 18/11/2016
Ground Segment System Engineer 01/01/2017 18/11/2016
Multi-Sensor Aerosol Product Development Support Engineer 01/03/2016 21/11/2016
Desktop Consultancy Support 01/04/2016 21/11/2016
MHS and NOAA Instruments Engineer 01/12/2016 23/11/2016
Data Processing Engineer 01/01/2017 30/11/2016
Linux System Engineer 01/02/2016 02/12/2016
Services Upgrade Engineering consultancy support for Long Term Archive and User Services 12/10/2016 01/02/2017
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